Conventional home loans in Rancho Cucamonga are ideal for those who have good to excellent credit. They follow some of the more conservative guidelines when it comes to qualifying for the loan. These particular loans are available for a purchase of up to $417,000. Depending on where you live, the total maximum allowed might be a little higher than the standard. Your real estate agent in Inland Empire can go through the loan limits with you and help make sure you know what the maximum allowed is under this program.

Your credit will determine the amount of money you need to have down on one of these loans. If you have good enough credit, you could end up securing your new home with just 5 percent down. The better your credit score is, the lower your interest rate is going to be. There is no time like the present to lock in a low interest rate on your convention home loan in Inland Empire today. In doing so, you can take advantage of low monthly payments over the duration of your loan.

San Bernardino County Conventional Home Loans

For those who are looking to refinance their home, our mortgage agents in Rancho Cucamonga can help you determine what you are eligible to receive. On average, you can get as much as 85 percent of the total loan-to-value on your home. You can also enjoy a lower interest rate and extra cash in your pocket. Spend time going over the specifics with your local real estate agent at Best Capital Funding today.